Growing and linking the seeds of research into tree of medicine.

[Corporate philosophy]

A lot of research has been proceeding in the field of pharmaceuticals based on biotechnology such as vaccines, antibody dugs, human cell therapy products and gene therapy using vectors, which are Biopharmaceuticals. It is necessarily to construct a team including expert members of process development, manufacturing and Quality Control (QC) at an early stage of development when developing Biopharmaceuticals due to its complexity. The most important part of developing Biopharmaceutical is the strong correlation between the SME (Subject Mater Experts) in the fields of GMP, process development (CMC), QC and engineering.

We, Nexredge contribute to achieve wellness for everyone especially the patients by providing our expertise and experience to our customer to enable smooth development of Biopharmaceuticals.

There is no border for a mission of smooth development

[Global performance]

Hands-on consultation style of Nexredge puts importance to be as part of the customer’s project members to understand the core part of manufacturing ‘Monozukuri’.

Our highly-specialized team have been contributing to our customer’s needs, which are different and unique for each customer at each development stages.

We will be traveling along with our customers through the vigorously changing market and regulations to find the best solution at each stage of the development.

Not only in Japan, but our special team is also providing our service to US, EU and other Asian countries to continue our journey.

[Our Clients World Wide]

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  • UK
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